STM Alumni Association Email Directory

Due to privacy concerns, the STM Alumni E-Mail Directory is no longer being published on the web site.
Class Representatives may request a listing of all known postal addresses and e-mail addresses for their graduation year as an aid to organizing events. Alumni members seeking to find one specific address for an alumni member can ask for it through Please allow a few days and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
The Technology Committee is working hard to compile an e-mail address for every member who has access to a computer, even if it is through a relative or friend. This list now includes over a thousand members and is growing every day. It allows us to communicate quickly with the membership to remind them of upcoming events and important information. The committee is even able to use the listing to send out an advance copy of the Bear Tracks newsletter each time it is published. We will not use e-mail for trivial matters, and we will not allow any commercial use of the list whatsoever.
If you would like to be included in this new listing, please enter your information by clicking on the link below. Do not click on Admin Login, as this will erase your entry.
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